What you can do

Want to be part of this day?

On April 14th, NYC will converge for a day-long, outdoor event where they can share their stories, celebrate the accomplishments of the 99%, build solidarity and provide inroads for thousands of folks looking to join the movement and work toward a fair and equitable future. The space will be both fun and thought provoking. Think networking. Think community. Think music. Think rally. We welcome individuals, working groups and neighborhood GAs alike to participate. Please join us in shaping how this can pan out in action!

For Text Alerts and Updates: Text “@SpringAwakening2012″ to 23559

Here’s how you can:

Bring your Blanketing Materials!

Knowledge is power and everyone has important information to share so come blanket with us! In case you aren’t familiar with blanketing, it’s just like tabling only you get to lay down. We are recommending groups bring blankets and lay out their information for everyone to see. Not only is this more relaxing, but it will be less chance for the cops to harass us.

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Bring and Share Food!!

The more food the better so if you have the capacity to make some food and take it to the event, take a little extra and share food with three or four people you never met before. Experince the power of food sharing in the movement!

Host a teach-in

Would you like to lead a discussion or teach-in on a particular topic? The 99% only becomes more and more powerful as we expand our knowledge of the many social issues that ail us all. We would love if all organizations, or any person that feels they have a particular expertise, help spread awareness and understanding about the issues they work on by leading discussions and teach-ins. Let us know what you would like to do and we will provided the time and space.

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Perform and exhibit

There is no revolution if we aren’t dancing! This event will be a celebration of the 99%, but to accomplish that, we need music! We are providing space for all bands and music makers to come and do their thing. And of course, there will be a drum circle! If you are a musician who would like to play at Spring Awakening 2012, let us know by emailing springawakening2012ows@gmail.com.

*Please note that park rules do not allow amplification, so we are requesting all performances are acoustic to mitigate confrontations with police.

This movement thrives on creativity. We have only come as far as we because of the mass synergetic creative energy of our group as a whole. We are calling on all artists, performers, poets, story-tellers, singers, puppeteers, any and everybody who wants to artistically express themselves and the movement, to come and share their vision with us all. Let us revitalize and kick off the spring and summer with renewed energy! Please email us at let us know by emailing springawakening2012ows@gmail.com if you would like to perform.

Sign-up Form

Just Come!!

The day is going to be great! And you’re part of the 99%, so you won’t want to miss this!

Let us know your coming on Facebook!


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